Site Policy

Linking Agreement

“VERY GOOD LOCAL TOCHIGI” welcomes links to its website from any other website. As long as the following criteria are met, there is no need to ask for consent or report usage of links to this website. By providing links to this website, you agree to the following terms.
  • - The link must be clearly defined as linking to the official Tochigi brand website, "VERY GOOD LOCAL TOCHIGI".
  • - Misleading use of content from this website in any matter to make it appear that "VERY GOOD LOCAL TOCHIGI" is part of your website is prohibited. This includes placing content from this website in a "frame" within your own website, as well as including direct links to images, PDFs, and other files from this website.
  • - Changes to this website, including modification of page addresses or deletion of pages may be made at any time without prior notice.
  • - We may request you to remove any links to this website in the case that your website includes content that violates law or public policy standards.

Copyright Ownership and License Agreement

All content posted on this website, including written material and images belong to Tochigi Prefecture or the respective providers.
All copyrighted material must not be reprinted or cited without permission, unless permitted by copyright law under certain conditions such as "reproduction for private use" or "citation".


Tochigi Prefecture disclaims any liability or responsibility regarding actions taken by individual users on the basis of information provided on this website.
Tochigi Prefecture disclaims any liability or responsibility regarding any consequences arising from the use of site content. This includes damage caused by individual users to themselves or to other third parties.

Privacy Policy

"VERY GOOD LOCAL TOCHIGI" follows the standards of the "Tochigi Prefecture Ordinance on the Protection of Personal Information" in its collection, usage, and management of personal information. We strive to provide our site users with a secure and reliable experience.

Personal Information

Personal information as referred to on this page is regarded as personally identifiable information collected through this website. This includes user information such as home address, name, phone number, and email address.

Collection of Personal Information

All personal information collected through this website is provided by users at their own discretion.
Furthermore, all personal information is collected only for the sole purpose of achieving clearly defined objectives.

Usage of Personal Information

All personal information collected will be used solely for the purpose of achieving the objectives defined. We will not use or share personal information for purposes other than for which the information was originally collected, without user permission.
However, this excludes certain cases (regarding the maintenance of public order and safety) specified by the Ordinance on the Protection of Personal Information.

Management of Personal Information

We are committed to the strict management of all collected personal information, and will take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized disclosure, misappropriation, or falsification of information.