Bath your tired away among the hidden hot springs of Tochigi, Kanto's most abundant hot spring region.

This is the must experience place for the majesty of winter hot spring-ing. Easy access from the city centers and recommendations abound make heading out for weekend hot spring trip just the thing to melt your cares away. Look no further for hot springs renowned in their ability to improve circulation and for their beautification properties.
Tochigi prefecture boasts a staggering count of 600 hot springs. Hot springs dot the whole countryside, not to mention the famous hot spring resort towns. While this number is the most in the Kanto (the greater Tokyo area and surrounding prefectures) region, many of its famous hot springs remain hidden gems. The open air springs are nothing short of magic in the winter. Looking to look better? Fatigue got you down? Poor circulation giving you the chills? There are baths for all that ails you. The sensation of a warm bath in the cold is like none other, so shrug off the icicles and warm yourself in a hot spring this weekend.

The Tochigi Hot Spring Guide

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