An evening of listening to Jazz, all a woman needs is some good music and a good drink.

In general pubs should be filled with people drinking. But when I’m traveling I just want to have a drink in a quiet bar. We invite you to join us at a sophisticated jazz bar perfect for the sophisticated woman in all of us.
After enjoying Tochigi’s cuisine, it's off to a bar with the cool of jazz and an elegant drink. One of the great things about being on a trip is trying out things you normally wouldn’t do. Tochigi is the perfect place to acquire more mature tastes; to become that cool, sophisticated woman enjoying a cosmopolitan drink while listening to live music. Surprisingly, there are a lot of jazz bars here. I tried losing myself in thought, pondering my journey while getting slowly drinking in the atmosphere, the music, and the drinks.

Utsunomiya Jazz Association (Link to external site)

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