Just 2 hours from the city center, you can go strawberry picking on the weekends!
Easy access and oh so delicious, there is nothing like eating strawberries in season!

A lot of people associate fruit picking with strawberry picking.
Come enjoy our strawberries raised with Tochigi’s clean air and water!
2 hours from the city center by car or train. Accessible and perfect for weekend trips. There are many farms in Tochigi where they grow and offer fruit such as strawberries, pears, grapes, apples, and more for picking, so you can enjoy picking fruit all year round. Strawberries are in season now. I don't think there is anyone who doesn't know "Tochiotome". Created in Tochigi, it has been the number 1 strawberry for over a half a century.
Come taste our ripe, delicious, bright red, all you can eat strawberries. Even popular varieties like “Tochiotome” are included!
There are a lot of tourist farms that offer all-you-can-eat courses for juicy, red, delicious strawberries. The houses are designed wide enough for baby strollers and wheelchairs, so that all families can come join in on the fun. You can pick 4 different types of strawberries, including the well-known “Tochiotome” and the top-class “Skyberry”. Tasting and comparing all the various strawberry varieties is part of the charm.
Today's hot topic; the high-grade "Skyberry"?
The “Skyberry” owes its name to the fact that it reaches up to the sky in size, beauty and taste! It comes from Mount Sukai, one of the 100 famous mountains in Tochigi prefecture. The Skyberry's characteristics are its beautiful round shape and its bright color. The fruit offers an excellent taste that strikes a perfect balance between sweet and sour. It also offers a smooth texture and a unique scent. So when you have your next holiday coming up, why not come enjoy this season’s strawberries?

There are many tourist strawberry farms in Tochigi prefecture besides the ones introduced here. For more information on Tochigi Strawberry Picking, see The Tochigi Prefecture Strawberry farm Tourism Liaison Committee at:

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