Take a Trip Around History Rich Tochigi and You Too can Become a Woman Well Versed in History!

History needs to be treasured. Many people have been to Kyoto, but have never set foot in Tochigi. So come discover the rich history right here in Kanto as well.
If you know the history, your trip will become more inspiring, and you are better equipped to tell your travel stories. Recently, there are more women interested in history who call themselves Rekijo(History Women), and the trend is continuing. Tochigi has a lot to offer in that respect. Nikko Toshogu Shrine and Heike no Sato are some of the famous ones you might know. Let's go out and learn and experience Japanese history in Tochigi, where history remains as it was years ago.
Tochigi's History, a Lot More Than Just Toshogu Shrine!
The most famous shrine in the World Heritage Site in Nikko is the Nikko Toshogu Shrine. It was built to enshrine Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first Shogun in Edo period. The fact alone gives a feel of long history for sure. The next beauty is the Niomon Gate of the Taiyuin Masoleum in Rinno-ji Temple. The first of the series of gates has two Nio statues on each side, one in Agyo, open mouth, and other in Ungyo, closed mouth. This impressive statue is a true masterpiece and it is the origin of the Japanese phrase A-un no Kokyu (harmonious relationship without verbal communication). The Ryuzu Fall and Shinkyo Bridge are becoming tourist attractions recently.
Not just shrines and temples- experience the good ol' days at a hotel!
It is hard to believe this is a room you can actually book. This room is not only designated as a National Tangible Cultural Property, but is also open as a place to stay. This historical room has been in use ever since it was built in 1935. The accommodation was cutting-edge at the time, and still passes as strong competition against resort hotels of today which is amazing if you think about the fact that this is the oldest resort hotel in Japan. How about a experiencing a different take on history by staying here?

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