When you hear Tochigi, what do you think?

Perhaps it is the history and culture of the World Heritage Site of the Nikko Shrine, the Kabuki performances of the Yama-age Festival in Nasu's Karasuyama city, or the elaborately carved floats of the Kanuma Autumn Festival. Or maybe it is the Nikkō National Park and the Mount Nasu chain of volcanoes that exemplify the natural beauty of Tochigi. It may well also be the Kinugawa, Nasu and Shiobara hot springs, agriculture led by the industrious strawberry farmers, the myriad of shops, galleries and cafes, and the younger generation who are writing new pages for historic cities. Whatever it may be, the appeal of Tochigi certainly does not end there.

There has been growing interest as of late in the rural areas of Japan against the backdrop of national efforts pushing for regional revitalization. The discovery of new possibilities for local lifestyles and industry is on the wind and has got people rethinking how to dream and how to make those dreams come true.
The word "local" itself has grown in value to express the fulfilling and enriching space that rural areas provide in connection to their culture and native surroundings.
Bountiful in natural surrounds, rich in history and culture, and the human connections that make us who we are amongst robust urban activity and service. The many benefits of being local are there and waiting for you.
"Very Good Local Tochigi" is our motto going forward to let both Japan and the whole world know the allure and potential of all that Tochigi has to offer.

We hope you will take a look at Tochigi, our culture cultivated from our history, and our people rooted in a land blessed by nature.
"Very Good Local." Where the connections of history, nature, culture and people are born.
Find it all in Tochigi.